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Design and Order
Customers just need to provide design drawings or photographs. The details of design will be finished by our professional consultants. After making an agreement, customers could choose make product sample or not. Customers need to pay 60% of total order amount as order deposit if product sample is not needed. Manufacture will be arranged after receiving the deposit. In general, one month is needed. All details subject to contract. Longer time is needed for manufacturing PVC toy products. The balance will be collected on delivery.

Retail order:
Fill in order form and fax to (852) 2672 0965 or email to info@aprosea.com or MSN or FACEBOOK, the order form will be confirmed by phone in the next work day. Delivery will be arranged as soon as possible. If you choose take by yourself, you should state in the order form and delivery address is not needed to fill.

Transportation charges:
Customers can request delivery of products and pay for all shipping costs.

Oversea post service

  • In other regions outside Hong Kong, we provide surface and air mail service through the Hong Kong Post Office. International air courier is also provided such as ups, FedEx press, DHL. Customers pay for all related shipping costs.
  • If goods are delivered through surface and air mail services by Hong Kong Post, customers will receive goods within fourteen working days after shipping.

2KG or below parcel

2KG or above parcel

    • The above are about queries of the freight for budgets. The accurate shipping costs will be e-mailed to customers after ordering within one working day.
    • ??If customers want to receive goods within a short time, they could choose Speed Post which provided by Hong Kong Post. Customers can receive goods about three to four working days generally. The exact timing will depend on the state location.
    • Customers may recommend which delivery services they prefer.
    • If customers choose the postal service, they will receive an e-mail about the necessary shipping and payment procedures within one working day after ordering.?


    Bank Telegraph Transfer
    Customers may choose to transfer money directly into the bank account of Aprosea Limited through Bank Telegraph Transfer after confirming order.
    Customers have to pay bank charge expense and payment amount showed in order form. If customers pay by remittances, according to the actual closing exchange rate US $ 1.00 = HK $ 7.80)
    Customers have to pay the amount = payment amount + bank fees

    Tel ¡G(852) 3566 3661 , 2672 0983
    Fax¡G(852) 2672 0965
    HKD Account¡G012 59010 352 575
    USD Account¡GASK

    Please send the following information to us by faxing to (852) 2672 0965or emailing to info@aprosea.com after Bank Telegraph Transfer. (Please specify "bank telegraph transfer")

    1. Order number
    2. Payment amount
    3. Payment date
    4. The reference number of bank receipt

    All bank charge expense is responsible by customers.
    After confirming the payment, we will call customers to arrange delivery.
    We will not ask customers for the copy of bank receipt except the information provided is not corrective.

    Cash payment (only applicable to Hong Kong)
    Our courier will collect total payment amount on cash when delivering goods to your designated address.
    Note: Customers must wait to inspection until the payment is settled.
    If the billing address is different from the shipping address, our courier will go to your billing address to collect payment. Then couriers will send specified goods to you immediately.

    Cheque Payment
    If customers choose the check payment, a Hong Kong dollar check, payable to pay the ¡§Aprosea Limited¡¨ which issued by any bank in Hong Kong should be prepared.
    For the convenience of ordering confirmation, please write down the order number on the back of the check and sent to accounting department, Aprosea Limited.



    After confirming the payment, we will call customers to arrange delivery.



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